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How do I make sure that I don't get scammed using Bitcoins?

While BTC is very useful as it is decentralized and has many benefits, it is essential to be safe while sending bitcoins. Sending BTC is irreversible, meaning you will not get it back should something go wrong. That is where Coinsavr can help you.

Coinsavr allows you to hold your funds in escrow until your partner completes the job. Take a look at how Coinsavr works to understand our service from top to bottom.

Even with our service, sometimes things are not always right. The most important thing to understand is that you are in full control of when you send bitcoins to your transaction partner when you start a new transaction. In other words, even if the funds are locked in escrow, you decide when you release bitcoins to your partner.

Your partner can mark the transaction as complete when they are done their job. When they do that, you will be given two options – Release Bitcoins or Dispute the transaction. You should never release bitcoins until you are confident that the job has been completed. Check with the escrow terms you set while creating a transaction to make sure things match up and are right.

For instance, if you paid for a photoshop file, you should receive the file and have it working on your own computer before you release bitcoins. Do not release bitcoins without testing the file. All communication should take place on Coinsavr so our staff can better serve you and help make a decision based on the conversation and uploaded documents. Once you are satisfied with the task, only then should you release bitcoins. If something is wrong, ask your partner to revise and resubmit the files in question. If your partner refuses or if there is a lack of mutual understanding, you can then dispute the transaction and we will step in to help you.

Similarly, if you believe that the transaction has not been , but your partner believes otherwise, they are also able to dispute the transaction after marking it as complete.

Coinsavr makes your transactions smooth and safe by ensuring your bitcoins are safely locked in escrow. However, you are still responsible for releasing funds and only do so when you're satisfied with the transaction. Never send money until you've received what you've got. We've got your back!
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