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  • Transaction Fees

    The transaction fees we charge per transaction is 1% + $2 USD.

    This fee is additional to the miner fees that occur when transferring bitcoins from one address to another. In this case, the funds are transferred from your wallet to our escrow system.

    The fee is immediately charged when the transaction is created. Therefore, if there are refunds or cancellation of the transaction, the fee charged is not refunded. This is to ensure that our escrow system does not get busy with more

  • How many transactions can I create?

    You can create one transaction every 1 minute. This is to prevent abuse of our service.

    If you have access to Coinsavr's API, then this limit may be different for you. Check your Developer Dashboard for more information your transactions limit.

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  • Making sure transaction is completed on time

    You must set a time frame before a transaction is created. The time frame is part of the transaction's terms when a transaction is created. The task must be completed within the time frame provided. If it is not completed within this period, an option to dispute a transaction is possible. We will remind both you and your partner if the time frame is expired so you can complete the transaction. read more

  • How do I make sure that I don't get scammed using Bitcoins?

    While BTC is very useful as it is decentralized and has many benefits, it is essential to be safe while sending bitcoins. Sending BTC is irreversible, meaning you will not get it back should something go wrong. That is where Coinsavr can help you.

    Coinsavr allows you to hold your funds in escrow until your partner completes the job. Take a look at how Coinsavr works to understand our service from top to bottom.

    Even with our service, sometimes things are not always right. more

  • Why can't I dispute a transaction?

    You cannot dispute a transaction until your partner marks the transaction as complete or it has passed its time frame. This is because we want to make sure that your partner has a fair chance to comply with your transaction terms within your given time frame.

    If your partner marks the transaction as complete, you can then choose to dispute the transaction or release funds locked in escrow. If your partner does not mark the transaction as complete and it has passed its time frame more

If you still need help, you can always contact us.