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Registration disabled due to an API error

Published Nov 11, 2017 1:45 AM

Coinsavr makes use of a 3rd-party API that allows us to safely handle all incoming and outgoing transactions, including holding and releasing funds to and from escrow. All users are assigned a wallet-id that is responsible for all activities that take place within Coinsavr, such as depositing and withdrawing BTC. However, a recent change to the API no longer allows us to assign a new wallet-id to a newly created user account, stopping new users from being able to use or receive bitcoins and participating in transactions. This change has been in effect without any warning beforehand, which resulted in many users not being able to register correctly. Existing users can participate in transactions with other registered users without any problem.

Since the change was so sudden and without warning, we have stopped all registrations to Coinsavr to prevent new users from having an "incomplete" account-setup process. We are working hard to be back live as soon as possible. We are working on our custom bitcoin system instead of relying on 3rd party API's so we can completely customize the way we handle bitcoins, which can mean lower fees. We have set up over 40,000 new wallet-ids for our users which may have influenced the reason for the limitation. Regardless, we are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.