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Transaction messages will be no longer visible in email

Published Dec 12, 2018 8:11 AM

Starting today, messages sent by users in transactions is no longer visible when users are notified of new messages by email. Users can still get notified of new messages that they received in transactions, but the content of the message will not be revealed in the email.

Currently, emails are sent before the messages are encrypted. This is a security threat as the contents of such messages in emails can be read by email service providers such as Gmail. Moreover, your conversation with your transaction partners should stay encrypted, private and safe, and sending you emails of new messages is a threat to your privacy, even if no one reads your emails.

For your full security, we will no longer reveal the content of messages when notifying you of new messages that were sent to your transactions. Messages that were sent by staff in disputes may be shown in emails depending on the severity of a message. If our staff member believes that the content of their message is sensitive, they can choose to hide the content of the email. You may request our staff members to hide the content of messages sent by emails if you wish.