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Make sure you get the most out of your account by reading these articles.

  • Data encryption

    Your account data, which includes your email address, username, transaction history, activity log, messages, and settings are securely encrypted before being stored in our database. 

    You are in full control of the encryption as you can provide your own encryption key if you wish. Doing so ensures that your account data is still safe should we have a breach in our system.

    Encryption is a key part of today's society as it delivers full privacy to a user. No one on more

  • How can I change my username?

    Due to security reasons, we do not allow you to change your account username. This is due to the way we encrypt your data and it contains part of your username in our encryption algorithm.

    However, you can create a new account with the username you want, and delete your old account by contacting us. Please note that we will not be able to transfer any account information (such as transaction data, account data, etc) to your new account.
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  • How can I clear activity log?

    For security reasons, we no longer allow you to clear your activity log. You can only view the activity log for the past 6 months, but you can contact us to receive a full copy of your activity log from your entire time here.

    The only way to clear your activity log is by deleting your account. You can contact us to request an account deletion.

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If you still need help, you can always contact us.