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Deposit Bitcoins

You can deposit bitcoins by clicking the "Deposit Bitcoins" on the sidebar or in your wallet. From there, you will see a BTC address where you can send money to. You can send as much as you want to your address but please keep in mind you should only use your address once per transaction. Every time you send money to your address, it will automatically change.

You will also receive an email notification when you deposit bitcoins into your account. You will be able to see any pending deposits that you have that are yet to be confirmed in the Deposit page.

For security reasons, you should never send bitcoins to the same address more than once. If you choose to resend bitcoins to an address that is already used, please keep in mind that you will not receive an email notification from us notifying you of an incoming transaction, nor will you see it in your account as a pending deposit. It will only be available once it's been confirmed.
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