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  • Deposit Bitcoins

    You can deposit bitcoins by clicking the "Deposit Bitcoins" on the sidebar or in your wallet. From there, you will see a BTC address where you can send money to. You can send as much as you want to your address but please keep in mind you should only use your address once per transaction. Every time you send money to your address, it will automatically change.

    You will also receive an email notification when you deposit bitcoins into your account. You will be able to see any more

  • What are bitcoin confirmations?

    Bitcoin Confirmations are essential in ensuring that a bitcoin transaction is verified and the bitcoins are legitimate . If it's confirmed, it means that the funds are safe to use and has been verified to be legit by minors. It usually takes from 15-30 minutes for a transaction to be confirmed, but it can take more than that. We require 6 confirmations—after 6 confirmations, the funds are confirmed to have been legitimate and cannot be more

  • Withdraw Bitcoins

    You can withdraw bitcoins by going into your wallet and clicking the "Withdraw Bitcoins" button. From there, you can type the amount you want to withdraw and the BTC address where you want to withdraw to.

    Please note, when you withdraw bitcoins, you will be charged a fee, called the miners fee. We do not get any portion of this fee and this is paid to "miners" to verify transactions on the blockchain.

    Withdrawing your bitcoins is processed immediately and you will be able more

  • I deposited bitcoins but I cannot see them in my account.

    You should see bitcoins in your account after 15 minutes (we require 6 confirmations before you can see them in your account). If it has been longer (and it has already been confirmed), it means that you deposited bitcoins into an address that had already been used. In other words, you sent bitcoins to an address more than once.

    When this happens, you can contact us and we will fix it right away.

    We strongly suggest that you don’t use the same address more than once more

If you still need help, you can always contact us.